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Proctology is branch of medicine which deals which conditions affecting anal canal (Back passage) and Rectum. Common conditions piles (Haemorroids), Anal fissure, Anal fistula, Pilonidal Sinus or pilonidal abscess and Pruritis Ani (Itiching around back passage)While most patients come with self diagnosis of suffering from piles/haemorrhoids, I reassure them it’s normal part of every human being and we are all born with them. Another myth is pain from piles. Piles are painless and cause bleeding, itching and some time jelly like secretions but they very rarely cause pain.

Treatment Options

Open Haemorroidectomy: In this procedure haemorroids are cut either using scissors or diathermy (Current). Bigest disdvantage in this procedure is open wound and severe pain. One migt not be able sit comfortably for atleast 2 weeks.Stapled haemorroidectomy is as good if not better to open haemorroidectomy for treating piles. It’s big advantage is considerably less pain compared to open haemorroidectomy. Pain is considerably less compared to open and is biggest advantage is that there is no wound.Haemorroidal artery ligation & Mucopexy: In this procedure there is no cut (Wound) and haemorroids are treated by cutting off blood supply to them and part of haemorroid coming out is pulled inside with suture.Laser Surgery is also available where LASER is used to treat haemorroids.

PRURITIS ANI (Peri anal Itching)

It’s a condition which is characterised by excessive itching around anal canal. Even though it is not serious it is socially emberassing at the least. Problem is compounded by the fact patients feel emberassed to sek help from doctors at the early stage. This makes treatment even more difficult as patients seek at late stage. By this stage there might be skin damage.

There are many causes which might lead to pruritis Ani. Most common cause is incomplete cleaning or minor leakage of faeces from anal canal. This can also be caused by 3rd and 4th degree haemorroids (piles) (See
Piles blog). This can also be caused by certain skin conditions which might have already affected different parts of the body.

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