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Common to all endoscopic procedures is the endoscope itself – a long, thin, flexible tube with an attached lighted camera. The endoscope is inserted through the mouth or rectum, depending upon the type of endoscopy needed. Tissue samples (biopsy) can be obtained through an endoscope.


A flexible colonoscope is inserted through the rectum into the colon to allow the physician to view the entire length of the large intestine. During a colonoscopy, the physician examines the lining of the colon and may remove tissue for further examination or treat problems discovered during the procedure.

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Stomach-issues have now become apart and parcel of life and these issues might occur at any time. It is not always that bad food-habits are responsible behind these issues rather many more reasons might be there. Until your stomach is being tested clinically nothing can be said with conformity. Only a best stomach doctor in Bangalore can enable you knowing what has happened to your stomach exactly. mammogram is essentially an X-ray of one’s breasts. A person trained in taking X-rays (a radiographer) will ask one to remove the top and bra. The mammogram is generally done with one standing up. Each breast is pressed between two X-ray plates. This may feel a little uncomfortable but the discomfort should only last for a few minutes. Two images of each breast are taken in different positions.

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