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A normal breast

The breast is connected to muscles on the wall of your chest. It is made up of fatty tissue. Within the fatty tissue are lobules or milk-forming glands. Milk drains from these glands into breast ducts during breast-feeding. Milk then leaves the ducts through your nipple.The glands and ducts can decrease or increase in number and size. This will depend on whether they are needed.Breast lumps can involve any of these different tissues, or components, that make up your breast.

Self examination

Every women is advised to do self examination on regular basis to look for breast lump or any changes. If one feels any change from previous examination or a discreet lump then should see surgeon immediately for further evaluation or tests.One important thing to note is most of lumps suspected or found turns out to be benign one. Tests are advised only if there is suspicion or to rule out serious condition.

What is a mammogram?

A mammogram is essentially an X-ray of one’s breasts. A person trained in taking X-rays (a radiographer) will ask one to remove the top and bra. The mammogram is generally done with one standing up. Each breast is pressed between two X-ray plates. This may feel a little uncomfortable but the discomfort should only last for a few minutes. Two images of each breast are taken in different positions.An ultrasound scan of the breast uses the same technique as an ultrasound scan that women have when they are pregnant. It is a painless test which uses sound waves to create images of structures inside you, in this case the inside of one’s breast. Again, one will be asked to remove one’s top and bra.

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