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It works on simple principle that you consume less calories but spend more. Some people get confused hear saying they eat less but still put on weight. Rather than the amount of food it’s the calories that counts ultimately.

Medicine (ORLISTAT)

Anti-obesity medication should only be considered after diet, behavioural changes and exercise have been tried and evaluated. If the patient’s weight has reached a plateau despite these measures, or if targets have not been achieved, pharmacological treatment may be considered.


There are clear indications and benefits of surgery when the appropriate procedure is performed. Weight loss surgery helps one lose weight, but one has to be prepared for it and know what to expect and what to do afterwards. One needs to prepared and highly motivated to have surgery with clear understanding of the risks and benefits.

Advantages of bariatric sleeve surgery

The bariatric sleeve surgery in Bangalore is adopted by many patients who wish to get rid of their excess body weight without the complications of a Lap Band. Weight loss occurs within 18 months of bariatric sleeve surgery in Bangalore unlike for Lap Band in which weight loss takes place gradually.

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